meet the chicks
See Adele in action! Susan Skrypnyk Tanya

Adele Buettner,
Blonde Chick Extraordinaire
Founder and President

Likes: productive meetings, bracelets and chocolate
Dislikes: people who don't bring chocolate to meetings

Susan Skrypnyk
Number cruncher extraordinaire and Office Manager

Likes: lover of all things chocolate, and loves bridge, cooking and going for walks while snacking on chocolate.
Dislikes: cold weather and running. Chocolate doesn’t make those two things better either!

Tanya Craddock
Executive Assistan

Likes: crafts, travelling and spending time with her 3 children, and chocolate of course
Dislikes: cold weather, running and mornings

John telling it like it is! Penny Eaton Serra McSymytz
D. John LaClare
Amazingly Inventive Facilitator
Likes: harbouring the only AgriBiz “Y” Chromosome
Dislikes: minus wind chills particularly when “Y” forgets to bring chocolate to the office!
Penny Eaton
Communications and Grants Specialist
Likes: chocolate, Halloween and kid parties
Dislikes: raw onions, use of the term ‘irregardless’ and the fifth month of winter
Serra McSymytz
Communications and Project Specialist

Likes: dark chocolates, red wines and warm scarves
Dislikes: air conditioning, slow technology and the word 'moist'

See the rest of the gang in action!  
The Significant Others
Masters of Many Skills

Likes: contracting with
creative and innovative Bizzznesses

Dislikes: morning people who litter the filing cabinets with chocolate wrappers

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