meet the chicks
See Adele in action! See Joan get down! See Linda adding it all up!

Adele Buettner,
Blonde Chick Extraordinaire
Founder and President

Likes: productive meetings, bracelets and chocolate
Dislikes: people who don't bring chocolate to meetings

Joan Lasiuk
Number One Finance Minister
Office Manager
Likes: teddybears, cookies and chocolate
Dislikes: mornings, mornings, mornings, mornings

Linda Saunders
Guardian of the Books
Financial Assistant

Likes: dancing, a good laugh and chocolate
Dislikes: mornings, mornings, really does dislike mornings

John telling it like it is! Tanya Penny Eaton
D. John LaClare
Amazingly Inventive Facilitator
Likes: harbouring the only AgriBiz “Y” Chromosome
Dislikes: minus wind chills particularly when “Y” forgets to bring chocolate to the office!
Tanya Craddock
Executive Assistan

Likes: crafts, travelling and spending time with her 3 children, and chocolate of course
Dislikes: cold weather, running and mornings
Penny Eaton
Communications and Grants Specialist
Likes: chocolate, Halloween and kid parties
Dislikes: raw onions, use of the term ‘irregardless’ and the fifth month of winter

Serra McSymytz Jean Clavelle See the rest of the gang in action!
Serra McSymytz
Communications and Project Specialist

Likes: dark chocolates, red wines and warm scarves
Dislikes: air conditioning, slow technology and the word 'moist'
Jean Clavelle
Communications and Project Specialist

Likes: exercise, chocolate caramels, running, chocolate covered nuts
Dislikes: exercise, running, and when there's no chocolate
The Significant Others
Masters of Many Skills

Likes: contracting with
creative and innovative Bizzznesses

Dislikes: morning people who litter the filing cabinets with chocolate wrappers

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