what the heck is that logo?
BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Oh my God!  It's a bee!
It's a honeycomb! ... it's a honeycomb. What's so special about a honeycomb?  Well, there are strong connections between the activity of a beehive and how we work at AgriBiz. For instance:
  • Worker bees are exclusively female ... us too ... except for when John is buzzing around.
  • Each cell of the honeycomb is a hexagon, which, structurally speaking, is one of the strongest shapes ... we have a powerful business base, built on teamwork and dedication.
  • An ounce of honey provides a worker bee with enough energy to fly around the world ... we draw energy from excellence and professionalism.
  • Bees can communicate to other bees the distance, direction, quality and quantity of a nectar source with a unique dance ... we communicate with balance and openness. And on occasion, we celebrate success with a little dance.

We've all heard it before ... "busy as a bee" ... but you know, that old saying really rings true for us. We take pride in our work . . . and we do it all just for you.

More bee stuff:

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