Spread Some Gratitude


AgriBiz Communications is starting a #SundayShoutout and #ThankfulThursday campaign on social media to recognize those who ensure the world keeps turning during this crisis. Our goal is to acknowledge the dedicated people who put themselves at risk every day to bring food to our tables and internet to our doors. We want to recognize the hardworking men and women who move essential goods, provide life saving services and continue to work in other capacities so we can be assured that, despite the current environment, we are safe and continue to have access to food and necessities.

In an effort to provide ready-made, timely and positive content so you can focus your energy on industry and business matters, we created the following social media graphics and sample messaging to make it easier for everyone to share some positivity and gratitude during these busy, uncertain times.

You are welcome to download the graphics and use the posts and share them with your colleagues, members, friends and followers. Or join us by using the hashtags #SundayShoutout and #ThankfulThursday in your own way to spread appreciation for those who continue to make the world go round.

You can also follow our AgriBiz Facebook page and LinkedIn account as well @AdeleBuettner on Instagram or LinkedIn for weekly posts on Sunday and Thursday.

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